The little brother of Doge is here — Cheems!

Cheems Doge
Mar 25, 2021

Good day everyone, we are a new BSC Token — Cheems. Although there are many Doge copycats (or copydogs), we wanted to bring some positivity to the cryptocurrency scene.

We launched on March 24 2021 and in 24 hours have gained almost 200 holders.

Our campaigns’ poster.

After the launch we announced our main goal — to help as many dogs around the world as we can!

We will be donating our wallets funds to community picked charities at 500k MCAP and at 1M, after we reach those significant milestones we will involve our community in crowdfunds and help their local dog shelters/charities, since our community is from all over the world.

And that’s it for our introduction, glad to be here with you guys and hopefully we can save some less fortunate dogs while also saving our financial freedom. :)